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Why I love to go biking!

August 12, 2013 by Uncategorized No Comments

There are countless reasons why I love to go biking! Biking or cycling doesn’t only allow the body to become physically fit, it also helps the environment in many ways.

Biking reaches a lot of people and places. For one, using a bike for transportation is cheaper than driving a car that uses fuel or commuting and paying bus fares. Also, biking is for all ages, sizes and levels unlike many other sports activities.

Health benefits of biking

Living a healthy lifestyle is one major reason why I love to go biking! Once you start to pedal, blood starts to circulate making the whole body active. Every part of the body is involved, not only the legs. It helps people build stamina and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

According to studies, doing regular biking activities or cycling increases the cardiovascular system by 3% to 7%.  It improves the heart and reduces the risk of having heart disease by 50%. It also reduces the risk of developing cancer.

Like any other form of exercise, it burns down calories. It also tones the muscles especially on the hips, legs and thighs. It improves coordination of the whole body from body-to-eye, arm-to-leg and feet-to-hands.

Overall, it relaxes the body and reduces stress. It improves a person’s overall well-being. It allows one to commune and be one with nature. These are just some of the health reasons why I love to go biking!

Although biking is not as tedious as any other exercise activity, there are still some precautions to observe.  A person with health conditions still needs to go to the doctor for medical advice. Some who easily get tired might experience problems if they exert too much effort when biking.

Check if the bike you’re going to ride is in good condition. If you’re serious about owning bikes that have special features or materials, ask the experts. Nevertheless, a simple bike where you can go around town is already fine.

Environmental benefits of biking

Bikes are environmentally-friendly that’s why I love to go biking! More and more people realize the value of using a bike. Towns and cities around the world have begun building bike lanes to accommodate bikers and cyclists who go to work every day using their bikes.

It is fuel-efficient and doesn’t emit deadly smoke into the air. Plus, bikes are much faster and can slip through heavy traffic on a busy work week. Since it is fuel efficient, people can save more money.

Biking events in the community

To increase the popularity of using bikes as a major transportation and to celebrate its positive contribution to the health and environment, a lot of communities and organizations set-up events to celebrate and give back to the community and environment as well.

It bonds the community and bike enthusiasts to do more good for their health and environment. Biking is also a good time to bond with family and friends. These are the wonderful benefits that I get which is why I love to go biking!

Post written by Russ Parsons. He is a student at CalTech and recently joined the team at Break Into Bartending as a staff writer. His favorite drink is a lemon martini (shaken, not stirred) and he lives with his 3 dogs.